Carey Edelman

 Holistic Health Coach



  • Detoxification

  • Digestive Health 

  • Emotional Support

  • Food Sensitivities 

  • Herbal Remedies 

  • Hormone Balance

  • Inflammation

  • Nutrient Deficiencies 

  • Sleep Issues 

  • Whole Food Nutrition 

Carey Edelman is a holistic health coach and autism expert. She has MAPS training, specializing in diet, nutritional supplements, restorative protocols, and detoxification. Carey is currently studying to become a doctor of traditional naturopathy and is the mom to a daughter who has recovered from autism. 

My story 

As a child, I dreamed of being a doctor, a veterinarian, a lawyer, and a Greenpeace volunteer. My heart has always felt the need to make a difference in the world. As life moved on, my dreams came into focus. The universe showed me the path that I needed to follow to help make a difference. 

In 2010, my daughter and only child was diagnosed with moderate autism.  My bright, happy, healthy little girl was suffering. She was unable to communicate, had chronic stomach pain, sensitivity to sounds,  constipation, and seizures. This was not something that my husband or I could bare to accept. We were told by countless neurologists, neuropsychologists, pediatricians, and "autism experts" that instead of planning for sending her to college, we should plan for long term, assisted living care.


Every minute that wasn't dedicated to being an active part of her treatment, I spent reading, making notes, re-reading, learning, and trying to find the magic bullet that would heal her little body. After 8 years, I can firmly say that there is no magic bullet, but there is HOPE.

My daughter is currently thriving as a typical tween in a general education setting. She has friends that she loves, she's an amazing story teller, singer, and comic book reader. She loves spending time with her family, playing in the ocean, being a big sister to our two dogs, and sometimes, she just likes being alone with her thoughts. She no longer meets the diagnostic criteria for autism.


I hope that the knowledge that I have gained on our journey can help pave the way to healing for you and your family. 

Sending you healing energy and hope,